GarXface - Garmin C++ Library, .Net and OCX (ActiveX / COM) control

The GarXface C++ Library DLL, .Net (Dot Net),  and OCX (ActiveX control) provide tools to interface to Garmin GPS receivers. Functions are provided to upload and download, waypoints, proximity waypoints and routes to the Garmin GPS receiver via the Garmin Interface Protocol using a DLL or ActiveX control. In addition GarXface has functions to obtain current position, current date and product information from the GPS. GarXface is simple to use and allows the end user programmer to concentrate on their application rather than spending many long hours trying to understand the Garmin GPS Interface Specification (Garmin Protocol). Mapping and CAD software are just a couple of applications that can benefit in the use of this product.


GarXface now works with Garmin USB GPS receivers such as the GPSmap 76C, GPSmap 276C and the GPS 18.

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