GarXface C++ Revision History

Version 1.0.15
Added support for GPSMap76.  Fixed problem with setting route numbers. Moved nag message to CGarminGps constructor (demo version only).

Version 1.0.16
Fixed problem with newer models and newer firmware causing internal protocol error.

Version 1.0.17
Fixed problem of error being generated on transmit of a way point after receive of waypoints, when there where no waypoints in the GPS (likewise for routes).  Added missing files to Trackpoint demo.

Version 1.0.20
Add support for GPS 12CX. Fixed problem with double precision numbers.

Version 1.0.25
Fixed various problems with interfacing to the GPS MAP 176

Added position, velocity time data transfer.  Added abort of various data transfers.  Fixed problem with trackpoints.

Fixed problems when using the library with  version 3.3 of the Garmin GPS software.

Fixes very intermittent problem with failure on receiving waypoints.


Adds support for the Garmin USB GPS receivers.  




Added Overlapped I/O to USB so PVT does not lock up with no signal.




Fixed various protocol problems.



Fixed problems with Street Pilot and the Quest.  All USB GPS devices now show in the USB device list.  Fixes a problem (introduced in that caused the library not to work under Windows 98.  The Windows 98 patch causes a problem with a lockup when there is no PVT fix.  It is expected that this problem will be fixed in a future version.



Fixed problem with errors during PVT transfer.


Version 4.X has been completely rewritten and adds support for the Garmin fitness protocols. 


Version 4.02.4 

Corrected problem with uploading trackpoints and problems with transferring proximity waypoints.

Version 4.02.5 

Corrected problem with  enumerating  com ports  on some systems.